Oh Canada ...

Canada vs USA in hockey at the Olympics - Final game - tension is high, excitement elevated - a sea of red envelops Canada Hockey Place in Vancouver .... I am ecstatic ... and I'm not even a hockey fan ... well I wasn't until now! It is 2 -0 for Canada .... NOOOOOOOO, USA just scored .... it is 2-1 in the 2nd period - I can't take it. Oh Canada I want you to win - so does millions of other people.

The Vancouver winter Olympics has stirred a greater pride in me. I have been glued to the games. I have relished in the glory of the athletes and their accomplishments. I have laughed and cried in unison with the world with whatever has transpired.

This final hockey game however has caught me quite off guard. I'm tense and anxious as I try to distract myself by typing in my blog. It is not working.

I am now going back to the game with my full attention and focus. You will know exactly how I feel when we all discover the outcome of the game in about 20 minutes from now. Ugh, 20 minutes seems like an eternity.

GO Canada GO!!!

P.S. It's many hours later - that's how much time it took for me to climb off of the ceiling ... and all I can say is .... YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh what a feeling!!!!!!

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  1. I almost couldn't watch the overtime, (it was torture when the Americans tied it up!), but SO happy I did! : )

  2. AWESOME game! The whole Olympic experience was awesome to watch! Canada did one fantastic job!