Feeling Alive ...

The playfulness of life. The excitement an unexpected encounter. The possibility of an adventure. All these make me feel alive. Understanding for the most part that I am in control of my life and all that goes into it.

A friend of mine recently reminded me of this wonderful quote:

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you imagined." Henry David Thoreau

Although I've strayed from time to time in my life from the direction in which I desired to travel, theirs no question the diversion has done me a world of good. I drum it up to "Life is what happens when you're out making other plans." John Lennon.

Wonderful that theirs a quote for everything. I feel a certain comfort in that - the feeling that one is not alone.

I find myself at any given time thinking about where I'm at in my life and whether or not I'm doing what it is that makes me happy. For the most part my journey is a good one with no destination in site. Just the way I want it.

I encourage you to re-look at where you're at in your life at any given time and place, and ponder the possibilities to whether or not you're in the need of a different perspective.

journey on ...

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