Humanity For All!

I'm in a better space. I've reassessed what makes me nuts, and truly in the big picture, it's no big whoop.

Funny how life's circumstances get the better of you.

This doesn't necessarily mean that I won't be back on this blog ranting again, however I do recognize how self-absorbed I'm being when I do. The good news is, that I have no trouble laughing at myself when it happens!

Thanks for listening. I'm off to help do my part to save the world now ....

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I Am Slowly Going Crazy 1-2-3-4-5-6 Switch.

Crazy going slowly am I 6-5-4-3-2-1 switch.

It's been awhile since I've returned to blogging and I feel badly that I'm starting off with a rant.

I have clearly decided that the true purpose of my creating this blog is to be able to vent in a place where I feel relatively safe.

It has been a totally shit week and hey, it's ONLY TUESDAY, fuck. I can certainly rationalize that it is me who is responsible for my own feelings, emotions and reactions. No one can MAKE me feel a certain way. But, hey  truly, that's crap. Because it is because of certain people that I am feeling absolutely emotionally spent.

For me, it's not the business at hand that gets to me, it's the people and their need to verbally barf all over you. I spent an entire 7 straight hours today with 11 other people, listening to ONE person blah blah blahing at a meeting; to which the person doing all the talking felt this was absolutely fine because this person's mantra is "it's all about ME." UGH, I'm so frustrated. Ok, (I say to myself) take a deep breath, it's all over until ... TOMORROW!

I'm actually laughing because I realize that the blog I wrote previous to this one is titled "Peace." LOL. Life is absolutely absurd.

I'll be ok. I'm still in the picture.

Serenity Now!

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