You take the Cake ...

I've been working with predominantly women lately. Because I typically work with more men than women it has become abundantly clear to me that women can be brutal to one another. I'm not clear as to why this is, it just is. I'm deeply disturbed by it.

One would think that women would want to help one another to thrive and grow in a way that shows support, and yet there is no evidence of this. What I'm seeing is mean behavior with a complete disregard for kindness and respect. Truly, I'm appalled.

I've also noticed a real need for control. Clearly this is not isolated to just women, however I have a new heightened awareness for this gender. Long gone is the day of micro-management. It's been replaced by nano-managing. Oh come on, we cannot be THAT insecure where we find ourselves setting ourselves up for a new low. I'm currently working in an environment where one woman claimed that she was afraid of another woman. YIKES!

I'm generalizing, but perhaps it's because the work environment seems to be more conducive to men and the way they work? In a book called Games Mother Never Taught You by Betty Lehan Harragan, it mentions that organizations are based on the hierarchical command structure of the military, and work groups are based on sports teams. Women with little to no experience of the military/team sports concept might find themselves constantly swimming against the tide and speaking the wrong language. I don't know, you'd think we'd fit in and "get it," and yet, I'm really not sure anymore.

What I do know is that is I've witnessed horrible mean behavior from women dealing with women and it just has to STOP! I'm ashamed to be a woman. Well, I'm really not, that's just how appalled I am.

Are we not suppose to blow wind under ones wings so that we can take flight? Rather, I'm seeing bricks being handed out.

Respectful, kind, generous women where ever you are please rescue me! Come to my time of need and disclaim what I have proclaimed!

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