Interesting: The peace symbol (as quoted in wikipedia) was originally designed for the British nuclear disarmament movement. It was designed and completed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom, a professional designer and artist. The symbol was later adopted by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and subsequently became an international emblem for the 1960's anti-war movement and the counterculture of the time.

The symbol itself is a combination of the semaphoric signals for the letters "N" and "D," standing for Nuclear Disarmament. In semaphore the letter "N" is formed by a person holding two flags in an upside-down "V," and the letter "D" formed by holding one flag pointed straight up and the other pointed straight down. The two signals imposed over each other form the shape of the peace symbol.

And that concludes our lesson for today.

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You May Say I'm a Dreamer ...

... but I'm not the only one.

I am hopeful of the future. I am optimistic that everything is going to be ok. I am of the belief that people are generally good.

One must move gently in this world with an open heart and a kind soul. With this in mind, one tends to become a more compassionate person. I have chosen to live my life in this way. I feel that I am a happier person.

Today's expression is short and sweet.

Peace out.

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I'm relaxed, well rested, and have a new frame of mind (at least for a while). There is nothing like a vacation to melt the edge and soften the shoulders. I highly recommend it.

The Ocean, the salt water smell, the warmth of the sun, the healing calm of the waves against the shore, the ease of people, the smile on ones face; all gifts from the POV of a relaxed mind when away. It's quite remarkable.

It's always my intent to be like this from this day forward upon returning from a holiday. I figure once I've experienced the feeling of pure relaxation I can  maintain it in my daily life. And yet, I do find myself settling into my familiar habits of excitable frenzy. Although, this time I laughed out loud when I noticed my old habits creeping in. I quickly bounded to a happier place. "Think Ocean, sun, happiness," I repeated to myself. Ahhhhh, I'm there.

I'm returning to my magical holiday place in 6 months (or at least that's the plan), so until then I'm going to strive to maintain my "happy thoughts" in the hope that my "holiday transition" will immediately be there when I get off the plane so as to not have the need for any chill down phase. I think, I think, I think I can do it.

Here's to your magical holiday place and the hope that you can get there as fast as possible - if only in your mind (for now).

There's a lot to be said for having a fresh and open imagination.

Mahalo for listening.

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