Dear jd

My friend jd reminded me yesterday that I hadn't written in my blog for quite some time. Not only did I think it was incredibly sweet of him to ask, it was also a wonderful compliment to me that in fact someone actually reads my blog! And truly, jd isn't just saying this as lip service, he is one of the most sincere people I know!

For the first time I feel compelled to keep up with my blogging. Thank you jd for inspiring me to write here again!

Blogging can be a very freeing experience. It really does allow oneself to express how ones feeling in a relatively safe environment! This is huge for me as I'm not exactly the most forthcoming person when it comes to sharing my personal life with people. My friend jd can attest for that!

Thanks jd xo

Albeit a short blog today ... I'll be back!!!

See you soon!

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